Short installation instructions
1. Download and install the "Null-modem emulator" from
2. Download and install the "Netstumbler" from
3. Read the Null-modem emulator manual how to configure the COM port to function as follows:
command> list
CNCA0 PortName=COM12
CNCB0 PortName=-

Basically it quite easy. Use the setup.bat tool that's shipped with the installation media. COM12 is used in this example
you should however check what COM ports you are using. USB / Bluetooth are often using > COM4
4. If you changed the COM port for CNCA0 remember to modify start_tcp2com.cmd
5. Open a command prompt and start the start_tcp2com.cmd script
6. Start Netstumbler and configure GPS
- Protocol: NMEA0183
- Port: COM12
- Bits per sec: 4800
- Stop bits: 1
- Data bits: 8 
- Flow control: None
- Parity: None
In the Netstumbler - Scripting 
- Type: External scripting
- File: The full path to the "netSignal.txt" script included in this project
- Language: VBScript
7. Modify the setEnv.cmd to have correct PATH to the java JRE or JDK.
8. Start JWLANsurvey by first setting the variables with the setEnv and the start with start.cmd
Usage instructions
You need to repeat step 4-8 every time you use the tool